About Mountain Hollow

Hidden amongst the elder apple orchard on our five acre 1850s homestead sits a yurt where gatherings and workshops are held for community members and those in need to receive. Here at Mountain Hollow we offer an wide range of courses on complementary medicinals and healing modalities in hopes to offer education on the many ways we can heal and come back to wholeness. Our mission is to build a bridge between humans and healing with alternative tools such as deepening your relationship to nature and offering a means to reach a wide array of resources to find your way. As a species, we have gone through decades of imbalance which has lead to many forms of disease and mental illness. Here at Mountain Hollow we hope for those who come to learn, gain the ability obtain the knowledge and connection they need to regain their relationship to the land, the plants, and the other sentient beings that we can exist with. Within this relationship of reciprocity we can find our harmony and strength to heal our wounds.

About Diana


I grew up in a factory town near the border where New Hampshire meets Massachusetts. I was surrounded by a what felt like a suffocating culture where the concept of spiritual healing, sentient beings, and anything beyond "fact" was not real. When I was three years old I began to see spirits, have lucid dreams and sense things that I did not fully understand. It was not until I moved to northern Vermont that I was given the space for my perceptions to expand. This expansion was far from easy but the wealth of support blanketing across this great state of Vermont allowed me to find the mental, spiritual and physical support I needed to work through my own trauma. Immersed in nature and isolation I am slowly coming back to my authentic self. I am ever evolving through my own healing process and consider myself the always learning teacher.

At a very young age I began learning North American Indigenous traditions, practices, and ceremony. I researched immensely into Indigenous history, the great loss of culture, oppression, and the history of women while earning my masters degree at Vermont College of Fine Art. I continue to commit to living in the practice of compassion in all that I do. Reclaiming my indigenosity is a passion of mine as my indigenous lineage is broken. Compassion is my compass, leading me forward one day at a time. I am committed to supporting others by holding space for them to regain their power by creating the safe and acred space in our yurt. We all come into this world with this light, it never leaves us and we can find our way back to it.

Some of Diana’s credentials:
MFA in Fine and Studio Arts - Vermont College of Fine Arts - 2011
Shamanic Apprenticeship - with Many Feathers Healing - for 25 years specializing in intuitive medicine, tarot reading, journey work, dreamwork, past life regression, extraction, crystal healing, soul retrieval, animal and spirit communication.
Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification - with Indigenous Roots Institute - Woodbury, Vermont
Reiki Level 2, Master, and Teacher level - with Soul Horizon - Craftsbury, Vermont
Intuitive Plant Medicine - with One Willow Apothecary - deepening earth work, flower essences, expanding intuition and herbalism.
International Academy of Sound Healing Advanced Training - with Kirk Jones of Evolvlove Sound - Burlington, Vermont

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