The yurt garden - plants generously donated by  Astarte Gardens

The yurt garden - plants generously donated by Astarte Gardens

Here at our space in Craftsbury, Vermont we hold monthly gatherings and workshops in our Yurt with the purpose of offering education on complimentary methods for emotional, spiritual and physical healing. We are committed fully to holding a safe and sacred container for those who wish to come to our events. The Yurt was built by both my husband and I, and great care was taken with the land and space it was built on. We both carefully and with intention worked the land to tend its greatest medicine for all who venture here. 

I find that the word empowerment is in fact the red thread that pulls together all that we do here at Mountain Hollow. Teaching Reiki certifications and other courses gives me the opportunity to empower folks to access and gain confidence and mindfulness to move through the world more grounded. I find there is a real responsibility once reconnected to the earth's language to share this practice and assist others to come back to this deep connection when ready. There is so much healing to be done and your greatest allies on this journey are mostly likely already with you, on your land and at those locations and destinations you are so drawn to. Land is in fact medicine, and this land here at Mountain Hollow is medicine for our family and we are grateful we can share it in this way.

About Diana

I grew up in a factory town near the border where New Hampshire meets Massachusetts. I was surrounded by a what felt like a suffocating culture where the concept of spiritual healing, sentient beings, and anything beyond "fact" was not real. A place where people work in a cubicle for the rest of their lives, own a home, buy a car, and place themselves into the system that holds them from expanding their minds, bodies and hearts. It was not until I moved to northern Vermont that my perceptions shifted and I began to expand. This expansion was far from easy but the wealth of support blanketing across this great state of Vermont allowed me to find the mental, spiritual and physical support I needed to work through my own trauma. Immersed in nature and isolation I slowly came back to my authentic self. I am a Medicine Bag Maker, Plant Worshiper, avid gardener and homesteader, Intuitive Earth Worker, Reiki Master/Teacher, Medicine Woman and Spirit Weaver. I am ever evolving and learning from every student that comes this way.

Arden and Amara in the garden.

Arden and Amara in the garden.

I have been working in the spiritual shamanic world since I was eight years old, under the guidance of Annee White Eagle and I am grateful to have had so many incredible teachers along the path. I have seen through the veil since the beginning. I am clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. My intuition is wide and I can listen into the ethers. This has been at times a burden, but is truly a gift. I have learned over the years that the construct of separation is only and illusion. We are all a part of everything that exists around us and fear is something that is seeded and nothing more.

At a very young age I began learning North American Indigenous traditions, beliefs, and ceremony. I researched immensely into Native American history, the great loss of indigenous cultures, oppression, and the history of women while earning my masters degree at Vermont College of Fine Art. During this time I found that my deepening draw to North American Indigenous culture had a real and visceral connection to my heart and soul. After receiving permission from a member of the Yaqui tribe to make the medicine bags I began making them for others and this process has changed my life. I continue to commit to living in the practice of compassion in all that I do. Spreading light for the highest healing good, forgiveness, and love as far as I can. Compassion is my compass, leading me forward one day at a time.

Diana’s credentials:
•MFA in Fine and Studio Arts - Vermont College of Fine Arts - 2011
•Shamanic Apprenticeship - with Many Feathers Healing - for 25 years specializing in intuitive medicine, tarot, journeying, dreamwork, past life regression, extraction, crystal healing, north american indigenous practices, and clairvoyance.
•Reiki Level 1 & 2 Certification - with Indigenous Roots Institute - Woodbury, Vermont
•Reiki Level 2 (re-attunment), Master, and Teacher - with Soul Horizon - Craftsbury, Vermont
•Intuitive Plant Medicine - with One Willow Apothecary - deepening clairvoyance, flower essences, expanding intuition and herbalism.
•International Academy of Sound Healing Advanced Training - with Kirk Jones of Evolvlove Sound - Burlington, Vermont
•Graphic Designer for over 13 years, previously worked for The Seven Days and Great Big Graphics.
•Adjunct Professor for over 7 years in Media Arts - previously worked for Champlain College, Burlington College, Johnson State College, and currently teaches at Northern Vermont University.

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