Higher Education Courses

Intro Digital Media is an overview of artistic and theoretical principles in electronic arts. Students will be taught basic image processing, vector-based design, video production and digital sound creation. Students will be exposed to work created by innovators of media arts to gain insight on applying technique and theory. The class will also provide an environment where students can share their work, ideas, and critique each others’ progress. 

Advanced Website Design for Artists prepares you to use web design creatively for portfolio making and as an opportunity to work with a real client in search of a website. Students will learn how to plan, organize, and produce a professional website for a real time client using one of the four online web design platforms. We will work together as a class collaboratively do discuss and form a clear knowledge of Squarespace, Wordpress, Wix, and Weebly. Get ready for some high impact learning and some career based preparation!

Darkroom Photography offers a comprehensive introduction to the art, science and craft of photography. The instruction covers such subjects as camera controls and operation, film exposure and development, black-and-white darkroom printing, print finishing and presentation aesthetics, and history. Develop language and techniques for creating imagery through 35mm film. Learning the skills to develop your own film and photographs within the darkroom. Discover more about ourselves and methods of self-expression through art. 

Independent Studies are courses based on individualized learning. The course is designed around the students needs for further educational and professional development in the subject matter. Diana and the student design all of the coursework together, reading materials, goals, and research topics. Diana offers Advanced Independent Studies on Graphic Design, iPhoneography, Photography and Web Design.

Private Design Lessons

Working in the graphic design world since 2003 with employment such as Publications Specialist at Johnson State College, part of the design team at Seven Days and Great Big Graphics, designing the 2009 High Mowing Seeds Catalog, and various other projects, Diana is quite fluent in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat Pro and Photoshop.

As a Professor in the Media Arts Department at Johnson State College she periodically teaches Independent Studies with students one-on-one. Working closely with an individual to assist them in expanding their professional skills in marketing, graphic design, using the Adobe Suite, and web design is one of Diana's strong points.

Under the classes tab in the main menu you can see the listing of courses Diana is currently teaching at Johnson State College and her past courses at Champlain College. This will give you an idea of what can be covered in your lesson.

The goal here is to offer private lessons in graphic design, marketing and print materials to individuals who are attempting to expand their independence in their own business and want to do this work on their own. Do you own a small business and feel like its time you learn this skill in order to expand your branding and attract a larger audience?

If you are the type of person who wants to learn this in order to create materials on your own without hiring a graphic designer, Diana's simple and effective courses are what you are looking for.

Cost for lessons is $50 an hour plus any travel expenses that may occur.