Healing Sessions are one hour and thirty minutes and include, deep relaxation, a sense of release and cleansing, crystal healing, flower essence acupuncture, and tibetan sound bowl healing with bowls placed on and off the body.

These sessions are intended to create a safe container for the client to feel empowered to deepen into self healing. Reiki is gentle, relaxing and soothing for both physical and energetic bodies. I have shared reiki with people, animals, forests and land with jaw dropping and joyful results. Sound healing is mean to clear the mind, reducing mental chatter, cleansing the body so we can focus on healing - this also allows more cosmic energy within. When the mind is stressed we are holding tension in the body and blocking the natural energetic flow in our system. Placing these bowls on the body offers a cellular massage that is deeply grounding while realigning our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. They create order from the chaos of stress or emotional imbalance, they provide clarity while cleansing and reassembling cells. During a session or meditation with the bowls you will experience a deep relaxation, which feels much like sleeping. This allows you to access the subconscious mind more freely, experiencing the alpha - theta stage brain waves. This is when our egoic self is set aside and we can experience deeply healing sensations within the body. Some known benefits from treatment or meditation with these bowls include support for, stress relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sore muscles, acute or chronic pain, and those who generally are feeling ungrounded, foggy, or off-balanced.

Sessions are offered in the Yurt from April through October and in our hundred year old farmhouse during the winter months. 

90 minute session is $75 ((sliding scale $50 - $75))

You can feel Diana’s knowledge, love and her innate ability to assist in healing come forth through her hands - like a radiant glow that comes out and through your body and surrounds you. Her energy puts your mind, body and spirit into a deep state of relaxation. How she incorporates all three, reiki, sound bath, and flower essence into the session is beautiful, powerful and immensely healing. you find yourself feeling renewed, refreshed and more in balance. The space she holds is safe and sacred, and you can feel the tremendous amount of love and energy she puts into the space to keep it that way.
— Reiki Client
Video still of Diana taken from  Victoria Zolnoski’s earth project.

All and any information shared within the context of a reiki session is in the strictest of confidence.
As a registered and professional healing space we are bound to these terms.

Additional Information and Resources on Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing

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