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2oz Dandelion Salve

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2oz Dandelion Salve

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This Dandelion salve comes in a 2oz aluminum tin with a screw top for easy use. The shelf life of this salve should be up to a year or more. Storing the tin in a cool place out of direct sun will prolong its life.

I have infused dandelions from my land, clean and free of human disturbance, in organic sunflower oil. I created the salve with beeswax from Cabot, VT and organic, non-GMO coconut oil.

During my childhood the dandelion was seen as only a weed. I never experienced the use and healing properties of this plant. The dandelion has a strong personality, grows reluctantly and holds a grounding energy as it roots deeply into the earths surface. The entire plant can be used for tea infusions, oil infusions, salves and tinctures. Dandelion flowers have pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, so this salve is good for all kinds of aches and pains. It is particularly good for sore and tired muscles and joints. I like to make it for family members who have tender and arthritic hands. It also soothes dry, cracked skin and promotes healing of minor scrapes and bruises. I added just a touch of Marjoram essential oil for calming the nervous system as this gentle scent brings general relief from stress and anxiety.

There are no contraindications for this salve as you will not be ingesting this in any way and is only meant to be applied to the skin. I put very little essential oil into this batch in order to make this salve safer for children and pets. On average there may be 1-2 drops of marjoram essential oil per tin. You never want to use more than 1 drop in a high dilution of a fat based product for an infant and never more than 2 drops for a young child under the age of 5 years.

Resource for safety guidelines and more for essential oils:

Dandelions bring joy, awakening and uplift to a cloudy state of mind or an overwhelm of emotion in difficult times. I rely heavily on the energetic and physical healing qualities of the dandelion for many reasons and I will continue to work with this plant every spring. We do not spray our land with any pesticides or weed killers nor do the farms in my immediate area.

Resource for the healing properties of Dandelion:

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