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Dreamwork Booklet (Physical)


Dreamwork Booklet (Physical)

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I created, printed and hand bound this ten page booklet for you from my little office here at Mountain Hollow. It is meant for you to have access to this workshop from afar. Within the booklet I go deep into the discussion of dreaming and how we can connect to our spirits and ancestors through this practice. Below is the description of the course.

Dreamtime is a place full of wonder, beauty and curiosity within the delicate strands in the weaving of spirit and interconnectedness. Join me in covering the basic understanding of dreamwork through to the communication, visitations, and visions in dreams.

Visions can be when you pick up on left energy that still remains in a space or in a persons energetic field. A vision can also be what some call "daydreaming" when in fact some of these day dreams are visions assisting you with current situations and/or foresight for what is to come.

This workshop is a safe, mystical, and creative time for us to delve deep into the meaning of our dreams and how to practice deepening your own dreamwork.

We will discuss levels/stages of sleep, the basic science of dreaming, what can influence your dreams in your daily life, your intuitive dreams and seeing the difference between subconscious conversation and foresight. Visitors from the spirit world, visitors from the living world, communication through dreams, and our deep connection to each other in the realm of dream time. Also how we can deepen our sleep with mediations, relaxing music, crystals and other methods.

You will leave this course with some newfound methods to practice deepening your dreamwork and how to deconstruct the meaning of your dreams along with many resources to support further understanding of dreamwork.