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Mother Wound Medicine Bag


Mother Wound Medicine Bag

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2” x 4” Deer Hide Mother Wound Medicine Bag

Deer medicine offers us a lighthearted grace, walking gently through this rough journey of life. The dragon rouge symbol burned into the front of the bag represents the deep dark womb of the earth, the inner darkness and birth of life within the womb, the portal of sacred femininity. This symbol represents the gate to dimensions of magic, the unseen. Birth, death and the mother of all life. One who speaks for the earth herself will wear this bag. Working to deepen their connectivity to the earthly grounding energies that dwell deep inside the earth. Finding rhythm and harmony with her energies, trusting the forces and working to regain being in communion with all that nature has and offers. This is a relearning of a lost language, a lifes work in helping others to remember this language as well.

If these words above resonate with you and move you, this bag may be for you.

Within the bag contains: Sage, Tobacco, Cedar, various medicinal plants,Grossular Garnet, Madagascar Quartz, and a turkey feather.

This bag comes with a card with all written information and healing properties within the bag.

All bags are made from ethically sourced hides.


We support…

The Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center whos mission is to educate the public about the importance of Preservation and Conservation of the forests, land, and water that supports wildlife, flora, and fauna for future generations to enjoy. A portion of all proceeds on Medicine Bags will go to the Colorado Wolf & Wildlife Center.