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Harmony and Balance

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Harmony and Balance

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Made in the Solar Eclipse of 2017 this nasturtium essence assists in connecting our minds back to the body and grounding our spirits into staying connected with all aspects of ourselves. This essence is helpful for those who are naturally prone to be highly intellectual and in their heads a lot. This essence assists in coming back down to the body and being present in the joy of life through the physicality of being alive. The balance between the mind and the body is essential for physical health and healthy state of mind.

With every essence I make, I dowse with a rose quartz pendulum as a helpful tool to be in communication with the plant. This allows me to ask the plant which bloom is to be used and how many blooms. I don't always need to dowse but I find it so helpful in terms of focusing in on plant communication. I always ask permission and exchange in gratitude and love.

The water that all my essences are made with are infused with reiki and blessed with intentions for healing, compassion, and love. Water has consciousness and memory just as minerals do, so our intention is heard and infused.

All flower essences are highly diluted with local organic brandy, vodka or local apple cider vinegar, local spring water, and flowers are from the gardens on my property. Typical use is 2-3 drops under the tongue as needed. You can also place a drop on the skin or place a few drops in your water bottle. You may even keep the bottle near you and the energetic vibrations will effect your space without opening or ingesting the bottle. Flower essences are a dilution gentle enough for children. 

The ideas and suggestions identified here are not intended in any way as a substitute for qualified medical advice. Consult a qualified medical practitioner in person for your health problems.

Vibrational Essences (Mountain Hollow Medicinals Flower Essences and other essences) do not replace qualified medical assistance if you have a physical illness or disease, however they will complement and help that treatment on subtle levels. 

Mountain Hollow Medicinals will not be held responsible for any reactions, adverse effects, or misuse of its products or advice, as they are merely suggestions that the client chooses to use or not to use of his or her own free will. By purchasing Mountain Hollow Medicinals products, the customer has agreed to and understands the above information. Thank you!