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2oz Sacred Smoke Medicine

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2oz Sacred Smoke Medicine

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This cleansing blend of dried herbs and medicinals has been a year in the making. During this year I researched the effects of burning herbs into your space and the ritual practiced by first nation tribes called Smudging.

Smudging is done to cleanse the aura and purify the spirit in preparation for ceremony or coming together in community.

Like many healing products I create, I am drawn to them first for my own healing. I myself have an anxiety disorder and was diagnosed by a practicing psychotherapist as having PTSD induced by physical and mental trauma. I have been on the search for many moons in discovering original earth medicinals to assist me in healing these wounds. The assistance plants offer to us in emotional and physical healing is vast and eye opening. I will be learning for lifetimes.

Smoke medicine is a powerful ally. Each herb has a slightly different effect when burned. I have spent time in communication and harvesting the plants in this blend, I have read a lot about their healing properties when burned. I have created this particular blend to offer you an intense calming aid for your nervous system. If you are anything like me, you tend to live in the flight/fight mode (sympathetic state). Living in this place for a long period of time will cause adverse effects in your health and well being. We are not naturally meant to stay in this state unless of course there is a very clear reason, like meeting a bear in the woods for example. It is very important that we give ourselves many methods to bring our nervous system back into its relaxed state, the parasympathetic state. This blend is just one way to assist you in doing so.

When you open this container hold the blend up to your nose, inhale deeply and you will notice a shift in your state of mind immediately. Make sure to place a few pinches of this blend on a hot safe plate such as an abalone shell, stone or wood stove. I use this blend to start my day and end my day, every single day. When I burn the herbs I set intention for my needs. Cleansing and clearing or maybe protection, etc. I also honor these plants for their sacrifice for my own healing. I pray, I feel gratitude and open my heart to the divine journey I am on. Sometimes I say a prayer for the collective conscious or for a sudden event in the world and place the herbs in my wood stove so the smoke will rise out of my chimney and into the sky. Intention is incredibly powerful. The universe is listening always.

If you have received or will receive a medicine bag from me this blend is added into the bag with the crystals. In the past I have only used it for this purpose. But now that time has gone by I realize this practice is needed and sacred. It is important to honor every step and remember that this ritual came from the first peoples who cared for and love this earth with a deep connection. This blend is meant to connect you back to this ritual, connect your heart to these plants and to the awareness of how sacred they are as well as nourishment for your mind, body, and spirit.

This blend is in a 3 oz tin.

Herbal blend contains: Hopi tobacco, white sage, cedar, lavender, mugwort, rosemary, tulsi, linden, red clover, mugwort, rose and passionflower. These herbs are harvested in my garden or locally with the exception of the white sage. I am currently working on growing and harvesting sage here in my greenhouse as white sage is in serious danger of over harvesting.

Herbs have been soaked in celestite, a healing mineral that brings angelic energy into your auric field and space. 

*This blend is not for smoking, only for burning on a heat safe surface.*

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