Offering wellness workshops to the greater Northeast Kingdom and beyond, expanding community wellness and education on complementary medicinals and healing.


Education on wellness through ecology
and complementary medicinals.

2019 Wellness Workshops


Teaching a Workshop
in the Yurt

If you think you may be interested in sharing your unique wellness or craft offering with the community please fill out the submission form below. Workshops in the Yurt run generally from April through October.

Offerings we are looking for would include, breath work, topics on herbalism and plant medicine, reflexology, Ayurvedic practices, bodywork, sound healing, singing, education on cbd and cannabis, crafting of all sorts, dowsing, tarot, and anything that would empower others on self care and self healing. Our yurt space can not accommodate yoga or movement classes at this time.



“Diana creates a space that is comforting and welcoming to people from all walks of life and cultures. Mountain Hollow's workshops and classes are well structured, and highly educational/experiential.”

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