Way-finding: encompasses all of the ways in which people and animals orient themselves in physical space and navigate from place to place.

As a child raised by a parent with a serious mental illness I was forced to find a way. Very early on I was experiencing a loss of place, a confusion, a deep fear of the world. It was up to me to understand how to process these feelings. This has led to a lifetime of spiritual research and practice. Research into a heritage that I can not grasp. For this heritage has been taken and rewritten. A childhood of finding a way through a family suffering from Bipolarism, Depression and Alcoholism. Born into a world with such disconnect, I needed to re-connect on my own, forgive and move forward.

So because of this loss of place and inability to find ground on which to have community and family, my artwork has and will remain an attempt to gain self discovery and finding my way to place. The ambiguity in the images literally translates the process in which you must find your own way. You must analyze the image for yourself in order to create links to memories, find conclusion and gain the ability to move forward.