Offering Reiki sessions and certifications for support in furthering physical and emotional well being.


Reiki is a life force energy that resides in all things. This energy has the ability to heal, shift, or move out stuck emotional charges, trauma, past life trauma, emotional wounds, toxic patterns and so much more. Reiki has been used for hundreds of years as a tool for hands on healing with intention for the highest healing good. Reiki is an incredibly gentle form of self healing for anyone at any age suffering from an array of dis-ease, and medical conditions such as chronic pain, pain from physical injuries, and arthritis. Reiki has been proven to assist patients enduring chemotherapy by lessening the side effects and promoting a deep restful state. Sharing reiki in a session gives me the great honor to provide space for the client to heal themselves. The basis of a reiki practitioner is to know that we are not the healers, rather we are only the conduits for the energy we have been attuned to in order to assist others to receive the energy. Reiki is an essential tool for all things on the journey, promoting harmony within our emotions and mindfulness while opening the pathway to leading a compassionate way of life.



Sessions are one hour and thirty minutes and include, deep relaxation, crystal healing, flower essence acupuncture, feather bathing and tibetan sound bowl healing.

These sessions are intended to create a safe container for the client to feel empowered to heal the self. Reiki is gentle, relaxing and soothing for both physical and energetic bodies. I have shared reiki with people, animals, forests and land with jaw dropping and joyful results.

The current schedule is flexible so please contact me and we can discuss what time works for you. Sessions are offered in the Yurt from April through October and in our hundred year old farmhouse during the winter months. 

90 minute session is $75 ((sliding scale $50 - $75))


All and any information shared within the context of a reiki session is in the strictest of confidence.
As a registered and professional healing space we are bound to these terms.

You can feel Diana’s knowledge, love and her innate ability to assist in healing come forth through her hands - like a radiant glow that comes out and through your body and surrounds you. Her energy puts your mind, body and spirit into a deep state of relaxation. How she incorporates all three, reiki, sound bath, and flower essence into the session is beautiful, powerful and immensely healing. you find yourself feeling renewed, refreshed and more in balance. The space she holds is safe and sacred, and you can feel the tremendous amount of love and energy she puts into the space to keep it that way.
— BG



Reiki Level 1 Certification 

This full day course covers the history of Reiki and its origins, meditations, principles and precepts, hands on healing and intention, ethics of practice when working on others. Lunch is included as well as a full binder with all materials, notebook paper for note taking, starter self-care materials, introduction to herbal body oiling, smoke medicine for self-care and a printed certificate once complete. Enjoy this time with me in our sacred space and feel free to wander the gardens and the land as we are surrounded by fields, evergreen forests and sugar woods.
Cost $250, Payment plans offered upon request. 


Reiki Level 2 Certification

This is a full day course covering the history of Reiki and its origins, Reiki principles and precepts. You will learn the Reiki level 2 meditations and symbols. We will discuss hands on healing and intention, ethics of practice when working on others, practitioner information and business/marketing tools, you will receive Reiki attunements with shamanic journeying along with a deeper insight and wisdom into walking a a path of compassion. Lunch is included in the cost as well as a full binder with all materials, notebook paper for note taking, and a printed certificate once complete.
Cost $350. Payment plans offered upon request.


Reiki Master and Reiki Teacher Certifications

These two certifications are available upon request. Please inquire below if you would like to take one or both of these certifications with me.

The Reiki Master is a 6 month long certification where we meet once a month either in person or via skype for a half day class time.
Reiki Master Certification cost: $2,000
In this course we will go deep into the history and practice of Reiki, we will move into a disciplined and strong practice of self healing while learning tools to support this practice. Moving deeper into compassion we will learn how to practice mindfulness when working on others and for ourselves. You will learn the fourth symbol and be attuned into the master level with a Reiki Master Certification.

The Reiki Teacher Certification is a 3 month long course where we meet once a month either in person or via skype for a half day class.
Reiki Teacher Certification cost: $1,000
In this course we cover important topics, readings and resources for your teacher certification. We also go deep into the business side of being a reiki practitioner, owning your own business and all the details that come into play. You will walk away being prepared to teach Reiki in a professional manner while managing and marketing your own practice. You will learn how to give attunments and certify others to all Reiki levels. You will receive your Reiki Teacher attunment and professional certificate of completion.

Overall Reiki has put me on a streamline path towards multiple certifications and trainings within the healing and meditation arts fields. Specifically this course has given me a broader foundation of knowledge for my freelance work in wellness.
— Reiki Student
I credit the course to a drastic increase in my mindfulness practices. Specific to one on one conversation, self awareness, and ability to remain grounded and mindful in moments of adversity.
— Reiki Student

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