Workshops 2017

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Breathwork for Regeneration With Alexandra Ma

Our breath is the sacred key to unlocking the depths of our own psyche, the unconscious and our full capacity to feel our stored emotions. Breathwork is a simple and profound practice that opens up the gateway for deep cathartic healing through simple breathing techniques. The practice is typically done laying down and in a safe environment where one is free to express themselves through making sound. Often times physical sensations arise in the body and participants may feel a change in temperature (so bring a blanket) as well as experience an intense emotional release. This journey begins with the breath and is carried on as a personal exploration. The sound of the singing bowls help to steep into the body and unlock resistance as well as melt you into safe space and deep peace.

Some people experience visions, insight on past life karma, this lifetime trauma release, states of bliss, physical sensations and major breakthroughs. Please come with an open mind.

The Breathwork Experience is not suggested for those with heart problems or high blood pressure. 

Maximum of 10 people, suggested donation $18.