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Moonwater Massage

Massage is a wonderful gift because we all need human touch, it is healing, it increases blood flow, cleanses the system and eases the tired, weary, busy mind.  

Rachel's entire life has been devoted to giving wellness and spiritual medicine in a multitude of forms to others, empowering others, and trusting and nurturing the medicine within her. Rachel has 10 years of formal experience in Deep Tissue massage . She graduated from Rising Spirit Institute of Natural Health in 2007 where I studied Neuro-Muscular therapy and Reflexology. Her style of massage is truly unique as it comes straight from her heart while melding the magical medicinal properties of her cultural background. Rachel's massage practice is intuitive, grounding, deeply relaxing, also offering gentle touch and can adapt to each individuals needs . She has worked on everyone from professional athletes to pregnant moms and new born babies.

"I especially enjoy getting into the areas that never really get touched but have lots of muscle attachments and hold lots of tension like armpits, joints and the jaw. I have had a lot of success in relieving migraines and I have developed my own style of foot reflexology that focuses on the digestive system and in particular helps to relieve constipation." - Rachel

Time: chosen by availability on the sign up form.
Cost: $70 per hour and $100 for 90 min

Rachel's regular massage space is held at the Deep Well in Hardwick, VT. If you can not make these sessions you can make an appointment with her there by calling (610) 733-5205.