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Essential Oils and Chinese Medicine


Judy Jarvis is a certified Homeopath from Riverside Wellness in East Hardwick, massage therapist, biofield tuning practitioner and essential oil enthusiast. She has been studying with two  acupuncturists for several years  exploring and learning the concepts of how the essential oils balance and create harmony in our being. 

This is a workshop to explore essential oils looking through the fascinating  lens of Chinese medicine. The 5 elements of wood - liver/gallbladder, fire - heart/pericardiam, earth - spleen/stomach, metal - lung/ large intestine, water - kidneys/bladder are a unique way to look at your own being and it's imbalances. We will explore a few essential oil's from each element and look at them in terms of regulating energy, warming, cooling, ridding dampness, tonifying,  sedating and calming the shen. I will bring the oils and you can get a sense of the different energies and how they feel in your body and spirit.