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New Moon Sound Baths

Join Diana in the yurt for a new moon sound healing guided meditation with tibetan sound bowls. These sound baths are held every month during the season the yurt is open.

The sound waves from these bowls move through the body creating balance and harmony while stimulating the body to heal. As you move into a deeply relaxed and restful state and into the subconscious, you gain access to releasing stress and stepping away from the egoic mind. In this restful state, the body can give more energy to healing areas in need.


Working with these bowls can provide clarity and relief from physical pain as it cleanses and reassembles cells. They support anxiety relief, release of tension and emotional blockages to come back to a centered self.

The new moon is a time where we may need to practice extra self care, allow more restfulness, and to spend time going inward. This is a time where, in particular for women, our immunity is lower than usual and taking extra care is important. During the new moon our bodies ask us to slow down, and it is a good time to work on a creativity and wellness.

Join Diana for a 45 minute guided meditation with four sound bowls in our beautiful yurt. Hot tea will be served. A yoga mat and blanket will be provided. Please bring extra blankets, a pillow, a flashlight, and anything that you can use for comfort and warmth to lay down on the floor.