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An Energetic Cleanse for Spring

  • The Open Space 101 South Main Street Hardwick, VT United States (map)

Come to the Open Space in Hardwick for a Journey Dance led by Anna Crytzer followed by a guided sound bath led by Diana Hansen intended to cleanse the body, mind and spirit as we transition into spring.

JourneyDance is a hypnotic container weaving expressive movement, guided imagery, ritual, voice and affirmation to create a transformative, evocative experience.  We embody our temples on a soul ride through the flow of experiential movement and musical qualities.  We liberate ourselves on this spiritual and emotional journey that inspires uninhibited free expression of the True Self.  Our minds become clear, free and positive;  our bodies become fluid, energized and powerful.  JourneyDance calls us to heal, get physical, call on our inner resources and step into our highest potential.  JourneyDance reconnects us with our innate states of joyous, funky and divine well being.  Experience this high-energy movement process and celebrate the light within! (excerpts from Toni Bergins, JourneyDance creator)

Within history sound healing was meant to clear the mind, reducing mental chatter, cleansing the body so we can focus on healing - this also allows more cosmic energy within. When the mind is stressed we are holding tension in the body and blocking the natural energetic flow in our system. Placing tibetan sound bowls on or near the body offers a cellular massage that is deeply grounding while realigning our spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. The bowls create order from the chaos of stress or emotional imbalance and provide clarity while cleansing and reassembling cells. During this guided meditation with the bowls you will experience a deepening relaxation, which feels much like sleeping. This allows you to access the subconscious mind more freely, experiencing the alpha - theta stage brain waves. This is when our egoic self is naturally set aside and we can experience deeply healing sensations within the body. Some known benefits from treatment or meditation with these bowls include support for, stress relief, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sore muscles, acute or chronic pain, and those who generally are feeling ungrounded, foggy, or off-balanced.

Teacher Bios

Anna is a heart-centered community organizer. As a lifelong dancer and certified JourneyDance Guide, her practice is rooted in a love for the earth and the joy of growing and learning. She taught as a classroom teacher for many years, has been an integral part of organizing a local homeschool coop and international exchange program, and created Coyote Kids (a nature mentoring program).  Anna has studied several forms of dancing prior to JourneyDance and is excited about facilitating excellent dance experiences for others.  Most importantly she dances regularly for the purpose of self expression and exploration and has experienced the transformative and healing power of dance.  

Diana Hansen is the founder and creator of Mountain Hollow Medicinals in Craftsbury Vermont. Having just completed its second year in full form Mountain Hollow offers wellness workshops, reiki and tibetan sound bowl healing sessions, custom flower essences, medicine bags, online learning, and publications that aim to empower those who have suffered trauma, folks moving through their unique healing journey, and intuitives that feel ready to step into their power by offering a multitude of healing tools and modalities on mindfulness and compassion. Diana is a Reiki Master/Teacher and certified sound healing practitioner from the International Academy of Sound Healing, she is a mother of two and her passion lies in holding space for others to find the tools and resources needed to come back to their centered, empowered selves.

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