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Flower Essences & Land As Medicine

In this workshop you will learn about the history and philosophy of Flower Essences. We will discuss topics listed below:

  • how essences work and why

  • essences versus homeopathy

  • how to choose an essence

  • dowsing for an essence

  • communicating with plants

  • how plant energetics work within our energetic body

  • how to make an essence yourself

  • how to infuse with minerals

  • how land is medicine

  • how to make a land essence

We will make a flower essence together from the gardens here at Mountain Hollow, and learn how the dilution process works. Everyone will leave with an essence to begin working with. I hope to make a land essence from our location for all to have as well and would love feedback on any experiences you notice in the following weeks and months.

We will also discuss dosage and the many ways to use the essences once you have them. Also relevant resources and links to further your knowledge and deepen your practice if you wish to do so.

Within the discussion of this workshop we will be talking in depth about the land around you, where you live or work and how the plants in that space are medicine for you. We will incorporate the ancestral indigenous knowing that all dis-ease stems from a lack of connection to nature and the plants, and practices to support you in deepening your intuition and listening to the plants around you.

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This course is offered every year by Owner and Creator of Mountain Hollow, Diana Hansen. Diana has been using and making flower essences for the past seven years. Flower essences are a gentle yet powerful tool meant to be shared and offered with love. This course it usually offered sometime in July.

Later Event: June 11
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